Charcoal grill
for snack bars and restaurants

Heat isolation inside of the charcoal grill for storing heat :
Fire brick 25 mm
Heat cereamics fibreboard 50 mm
Heat isolation fibreboard 10 mm

Our charcoal grill of stainless steel is special developed for using in snackbars and restaurants.

Because of the specially heat isolation with fire bricks and ceramicboards is a very high and equal heat output as well as possible a long grill duration by lowest using of charcoal.

A very small smoke formation develops due to the closed heat isolation, because no outward air supply is possible. And so the Grill is in the best way for premises like Restaurants and snack bars.

The grill is on both side individuell vertical adjustable and consequently are different temperature zones and grill duration possible. The cleaning is easy and fast doing because the rost is removeable.

Include the delivery is a coal shovel and a coal scraper for distribute the charcoal. When required we deliver the charcoal grill in three different sizes.

A stainless steel table with a drawer for the charcoal, is seperate available.

Charcoal grill:

HB 25 B 900 x T 270 x H 230 mm
HB 30 B 900 x T 320 x H 230 mm
HB 40 B 900 x T 420 x H 230 mm

Stainless steel table with drawer:

B 920 x T 670 x H 810 mm