The flexibility of our company is signalized by the 100% lot of self-manufacturing. As agreed with our customers we make possible to fulfil the special requested deliveries

About us :

The company POLYDOR Gyros-Grillgeräte GmbH is for over 25 years a renowned company which specialized in the production of qualitatively high-finished professional Gyros-Grillequipment. Mr. Polydoros, who is for 40 years learned cook and gastronomer, developed Gyros-Grillequipment from experience of many years after the newest conditions.
*Our Gyros-Grillequipment there is both low emission and energy-saving electrical appliances. Thereby you will notice that up to 50% less energy use than with conventional equipment. Additionally you have less roasting loss by the use of our modern Poly-infrared-heating- elements (glass ceramics heater) from own production .
*NEW in the assortment is our charcoal grill made of high-grade steel, specially developed for using in Snack bars and restaurants. This grill is characterised by its special heat isolation.
*You find the patent-protected electrical Gyronal®-knife in our product range also, that Gyros as well Döner, Kebab and Shoarma cut very fast into even thin slabs.
*Of course we have also diverse hand knifes with those you can cut in traditional way your meat.
*We have exclusively different spice preperation, which enjoy already large popularity, to lend the meat around the ideal taste.

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